Vacation Benefits

Vacation time off with pay is available to eligible employees to provide opportunities for rest, relaxation and personal pursuits. Employees in the following employment classification(s) are eligible to earn and use vacation time as described in this policy:

  • Regular full-time employees 

The amount of paid vacation time employees receive each year increases with the length of their employment as shown in the following schedule:

  • After 1 year of eligible service the employee is entitled to a 1 week vacation each year. 

The length of eligible service is calculated on the basis of a "benefit year." This is the 12-month period that begins when the employee starts to earn vacation time. An employee's benefit year may be extended for any significant leave of absence except military leave of absence. Military leave has no effect on this calculation. (See individual leave of absence policies for more information.)

Paid vacation time can be used in minimum increments of one week. To take vacation, employees must request advance approval from their supervisors by contacting the office and having a Vacation Request Form filled out and submitted to Management. Requests will be reviewed and approved/disapproved based on a number of factors, including business needs and staffing requirements.

Vacation time off is paid at the employee's base pay rate at the time of vacation. 

As stated above, employees are encouraged to use available paid vacation time for rest, relaxation and personal pursuits. In the event that available vacation is not used by the end of the benefit year, employees will forfeit the unused time.

Upon termination of employment, whether by the employee or the employer, unused vacation time will be forfeited.

Effective Date: 4/23/2012
Revision Date: 4/23/2012