Nature of Employment

Employment with DWE is voluntarily entered into.  The employee is free to resign at will at any time, with or without cause.

Similarly, DWE may terminate the employment relationship at will at any time, with or without notice or cause, so long as there is no violation of applicable federal or state law.

Policies set forth in this handbook are not intended to create a contract, nor are they to be construed to constitute contractual obligations of any kind or a contract of employment between DWE and any of its employees. The provisions of the handbook have been developed at the discretion of management.   These provisions can be amended or cancelled at any time, at DWE's sole discretion except for its policy of employment-at-will.

These provisions supersede all existing policies and practices and may not be amended or added to without the express written approval of the Executive Management of DWE.

Effective Date: 4/23/2012
Revision Date: 4/23/2012