Company Welcome

Dear New Employee,

On behalf of David M. Wolfford & Son, Incorporated (DWE); I would like to welcome you to our company.  We are excited to add you to our current team.  The moment you became a member of this team; you became an integral part of its function.  Every job in this company is important and you play a key role in the continued growth and success of our company.

Management believes that our people make our company special.  DWE can only be as good as the people who work here.  We are glad you chose to become part of our team and we look forward to training you and helping you become the best that you can be.  We have committed ourselves and our resources to train you in both safety and in the field of electricity.

We are also committed to protecting your welfare through the creation of a “World Class” safety program and environment.  DWE is committed to training you in practices and procedures that will be safe and cost effective.  Your commitment to achieving the levels of success both in the fields of safety and professional abilities is mandatory.

The purpose of this company is two-fold.  We exist to provide electrical services to our clients and provide safe, fulfilling careers to our employees.

This company must be profitable in order to survive.  If we are not profitable; the company will cease to exist.  If we cease to exist; we cannot assist our clients in constructing and renovating the buildings that service this country and we cannot provide mutually beneficial employment to our people.  As you will quickly discover; our success is based on delivering quality products and unsurpassed service on time, one time with no punchlist.  By working safely, intelligently and hard; by doing whatever it takes to succeed, we are flourishing in a very difficult economic environment.

We plan the work; and we work the plan for success.  Success of our company is guaranteed by ensuring that our employees are successful both financially and professionally.

Again, welcome aboard.  We’re glad you’re here.


David M. Wolfford, Jr.